3 “Boo”-tiful Bags to Carry for Halloween

BOO!🍂 🎃 🍁 ‘Tis the season to deck the halls with cobwebs, spiders, and glowing pumpkins!!!

Get ready for Halloween with these festive trick-or-treat bags by Pink Sand Beach. These bags are a great complement to costumes and are perfect for kids and parents alike!

Upgrade your plastic pumpkins to a spooky homemade bag to fill with all your goodies. They are perfect to accessorize your Halloween costume – even if you are dressing up as yourself this Halloween!

If you’d like to make the Brentwood bag, the Tahoe tote, or the Barcelona bag, we’ve provided all the fabric requirements.


Brentwood Bag

3/4 yard – Wicked-C4577-Black

3/4 yard – Hatch-C2959-Boo

3/4 yard – Soho Black


Tahoe Tote

5/8 yard – Gail-C4680-Black

5/8 yard – Soho Black

5/8 yard – Fun-C8224-WhiteBlack


Barcelona Bag

1/2 yard – Wicked-C4578-Black

1/2 yard – Hatch-C2959-Boo

3/4 yard – Soho Black

Look for these fabrics at your local quilt shop!

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