Team Timeless // Thingamabob Bag

Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! This month, Rachel Rossi has stopped by to share a multipurpose “thingamabob” bag inspired by her daughter. Featuring the new Tonga Jump Collection, this bag is great for sewing supplies, toy cleanup, or any on-the-go goodies. Read on for instructions…


My daughter, age 3 going on 30, has a grand collection of “friends,” books, cups, and who knows what else, that she likes to tote with her up to nap time…usually the collection is so large that we like to put everything on a blanket, grab the four corners, and tote it up the steps that way.

One day, while we gathered her belongings into her blanket, I realized that a bag, similar to the blanket model, would be a major improvement to our routine…so I came up with the Thingamabob Bag!

While the bag that I’m going to share with you today would not be large enough to contain the extent of my dear daughter’s collection, it’s a great little pouch for all sorts of goodies. I like the idea that everything is contained, but easy to sort through when you fully open the pouch.

Additionally, this would be an easy project to scale up if you’d like to make a giant bag for a special project like my daughters!

What You’ll Need

This project doesn’t require very much (hooray!), just a few fabrics and one fun cord. The hardest part is choosing a fabric from Timeless Treasures new Tonga Line: Jump!

Thingamabob Bag Tutorial

Cutting Fabric Circles

Cutting the bag itself is fairly easy. First, you’re going to open up Main fabric and then fold it so that one selvage edge comes to the center (the deep crease that is created by the fold on the bolt)

Do the same fold on your Lining Fabric and carefully place it on top. Make sure to match the folded edges.

Next, grab a piece of string or a selvage edge that you’ve got sitting around your sewing room and trim it to be 9″ long (we don’t need to be fancy here!).

Now, holding your erasable fabric marker at one end of the strip (or string, or whatever you found) place the other end in the center of your folded fabric edge. Carefully trace a half circle onto your fabric.

Now, cut through all four layers of fabric, along the line you drew.

Cutting Bias Strips

Next, we’ll cut our bias strips to create the casing around the top of the bag. For more info on how that is done, be sure to check out my Bias Strip Tutorial!

Cut 2-1/2″ wide bias strips and piece together to get a total of 70″ in length.

Next, you’ll cut that long strip in half. Press the strips, wrong sides together, in half lengthwise to create the casing. On one short edge of each strip, fold the edges under 1/2″ and 1/2″ again to create a clean edge. Press to keep in place.


Grab your Lining Circle and fold in half to find the halfway point. Mark both raw edges along the fold with pins and place right side up.

Place one folded edge of your bias strip at the point you marked with a pin. Matching raw edges, pin or baste the casing to the lining piece. Stitch to secure using 1/8″ seam. When you are about 3 inches away from arriving at the next pin, STOP! Backstitch to secure your casing…

Then, trim and fold the raw edge under so that it lands where your next pin is placed. Stitch to secure.

Repeat on the other casing piece. Now you should have something that looks like a circle with an outline and a lonely exterior circle. Place them right sides together and stitch around the raw edges using 1/4″ seam. Make sure to leave about 3″ of space to flip the piece right side out.

If you want a nifty trick on how to make that opening invisible, make sure to check out my little tidbit here!

Topstitch along the lining/exterior fabric to clean it up and disguise that opening.

Next, cut your length of cording in half. Thread one piece of cording through the casing using a safety pin. For some reason this messes with my head every time, so I’ll make sure to explain it here!

Make sure that cord A comes all the way around the circle, knot the ends of Cord A together to secure. Then, start cord B on the other side, making sure that it comes back around to meet itself and knot.

You’re done! That’s it! Now it’s time to fill that sucker up with all sorts of goodies!

Sew Can Do Christmas Ruffle Apron Floor

Team Timeless // Ruffle Aprons



Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! This month, Cheryl Bush of Sew Can Do is back to share her Winter Ruffle Apron pattern that is perfect for the holidays.

Featuring the new Home For The Holidays collection, this apron is so fun to cook and twirl in. Read on for instructions…

Make a fun and frilly apron to wear throughout the holiday season with my 
Christmas Ruffle Apron Pattern & Tutorial.
It has a nice full front to keep clothes clean while cooking & baking:
Full of fluffy, pretty ruffles in cheery holiday colors & prints like buffalo check, chalkboard snowflakes and vintage red trucks with a festive and flattering fit!


 The apron also features an adjustable single tie to get just the right fit around the neck and waist:


It’s fully finished on the back too, so it’s technically reversible and a great way to use even more festive prints!  It’s perfect Christmas wear for a hostess or to make as a gift.



Finished size:
28″h x 20″w (at bottom)
Seam allowance is three-eighths of an inch unless otherwise noted.  
Fabric Requirements
– 1/2 yd cuts of Gail-C6887, C7200-Black, Holiday-C5790 Red, Holiday-C5790 Green
– 1/4 yd cuts of C7200-Pine, C7200-Cherry, Holiday-C5784 Red, Gail-C6887, Gail-C6886
Additional Materials
– 2 1/2yd 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon or twill tape
– Yard stick, rotary cuter, iron, disappearing marker/chalk, pins, safety pin
– My FREE Christmas Ruffle Apron Pattern HERE
Download my free top apron pattern pieces (set printer to actual size and check against the square inch on the page), then print, cut out and tape halves together per the instructions.
Cutting Instructions:
Fold fabrics, selvages together before cutting
– Along fold cut top apron front from and top apron back from Gail-C6887 and Holiday-C5790 Red.
– Cut 22″w x 17″h lower apron front from and lower apron back from C7200-Black, Holiday-C5790 Green
– Cut single WOF x 4 1/2″h strip from each of C7200-Pine, C7200-Cherry, Holiday-C5784 Red, Gail-C6887, Gail-C6886


Double fold all sides of ruffle strips under by 1/4 in (except the top ruffle, which needs the horizontal top edge unfolded).  Press, then topstitch short sides and bottom sides for all.  Baste along top for each piece.  Pull up on bobbin threads and cinch fabric to ruffle the strips.  Spread evenly.



Mark the front piece with horizontal lines for the ruffle placement as shown:
Starting at bottom marking line, pin basted top edges of ruffles into place, leaving a 3/8in space on either side for the seam allowance:



Fabric order shown for ruffles is:
Holiday-C5784 Red
Stitch ruffles into place along top edge:



With right sides facing, pin lower edge of front apron top piece to the top edge of the ruffled lower piece and stitch together.  Do the same for the back apron pieces.


With right sides facing, pin together front & back pieces of apron, being careful to tuck the ruffle layers inward. Stitch together all the way around leaving 1 1/4 in wide gaps at the corners of the top edge and side edges (for the tie casing) and leaving a 3 inch gap at the bottom for turning.  Trim seam allowances and turn right side out.  


Press all edges flat.  Slip stitch by hand or machine stitch bottom gap opening.



Mark, then top stitch 1 1/4 in inward from curved sides to create the casing.  


Starting at one lower end, insert ribbon/twill tape through one side casing (attached to a bodkin or safety pin) and down through the other to create the adjustable apron tie.  Heat seal or stitch ends of ties to prevent fraying.
Time to put it on and enjoy the merry-making season!

Marcus Fabrics Joins the Timeless Treasures Family!

ttf marcus logo combined-2

Timeless Treasures Fabrics is pleased to announce that Marcus Fabrics has joined its family of fine quality textiles for quilting, sewing and crafts.

This union combines the strengths of both companies in serving independent quilt shops and creative consumers worldwide. Together, they will provide an expanded variety of designs, continuing their joint commitment to uncompromising quality and personalized service.

Timeless Treasures is a family-owned company, based in New York City, with more than 50 years of experience in creating beautifully printed designs for quilting, crafts, and manufacturing. Timeless is recognized for its diverse and creative designs and maintains an excellent reputation for high standards and exceptional style. Established in 1911, Marcus Fabrics, known for its roster of talented designers, is the leading industry innovator of historical reproduction fabrics.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Marcus, whose specialties are the perfect complement to ours. It’s an exciting time for all of us, and we look forward to bringing our shared vision to the quilting community! We would like to thank Martin Marcus and the entire Marcus family for their century of leadership, and we look forward to continuing their legacy,” said Sari Brown Ohana, partner at Timeless Treasures.

Click here to download this announcement as a PDF.

Sew Can Do Pet House Igloo Baby Narwhal

Team Timeless // Pet House Igloo

Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Cheryl Bush joins us this month with this perfect little winter home for pets and toys. Follow along to make one of your own!

I’m excited to start the new year with a fun new project pattern: a Fun Igloo Pet House!

With a little imagination, and a bit of fusible foam, these chilly weather themed fabrics from the Polar Opposites collection have been transformed into a fun and functional little igloo that makes an ideal house for cats & small dogs.

The foam & fleece lined sides give it the classic igloo-style curved shape.

These adorable new fabrics on each side are perfectly suited for an igloo (and make it extra fun!).  The soft blue and grey shades are a fun cool neutrals.

The tiny polka dots pair sweetly with the whimsical arctic & antarctic animals.  Adorable walruses, polar bears, penguins, and everyone’s favorite, the narwhal!
 We don’t have any pets, but we do have a baby with lots of animal toys.  This igloo house seemed the perfect place to be able to easily stow his little plushes:

As you can see, he’s a big fan of it already:

The large opening makes it easy for little hands (or paws) to get in and out:
Now let’s get to the making!

Finished size:
14″ x 14″ x 14″
Fabric Requirements
– 1/2 yd cuts of all 8 fabrics in the Polar Opposites collection
Additional Materials
– 2 1/2 yds 20″ wide single sided fusible foam*
– 1 1/4 yd 44″ wide fusible fleece*
– Yard stick, rotary cuter, iron, disappearing marker, pins, hand sewing needle
– My FREE Pet Igloo Pattern HERE
 * Both can be found in the interfacing section
Download my free pattern pieces. Set printer to actual size, then print and check the square inch on the page to be sure your templates printed correctly. Cut out and tape base halves together per the instructions.
Cutting Instructions:
Fold fabrics, selvages together, and cut around pattern pieces, adding an extra 1/4″ all the way around for the seam allowance:
– Cut upper side igloo pieces from Kidz-C6812-Navy, Kidz-C6814-Blue, Dot-C1820-Dove, Dot-C1820-Silver
– Cut lower side igloo pieces from Kidz-C6813-Ice, Kidz-C6815-Grey, Dot-C1820-Steel, Dot-C1820-Smoke
There will be two pieces of each print cut (for both outside and lining).
From remaining fabric:
– Cut a 14 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ square from Dot-C1820-Steel and Dot-C1820-Smoke for the base pieces (this includes the seam allowance).
Put top and base paper pattern pieces together and tape along center to make a full side pattern.  Cut out the stabilizers, but do not add any seam allowances.
Fusible Fleece
– Cut (4) side igloo pieces
– Cut (1) 15″x15″ igloo base
Fusible Foam
– Cut (4) side igloo pieces
– Cut (1) 15″x15″ igloo base
Take one side piece each from the fleece and foam, fold in half widthwise and cut out the front opening space along the pattern’s center cutline.

These will be for stabilizing the front side with the opening.

With right sides facing, pin, then stitch together the bottom edge and top edge of the igloo upper and lower sides.
I used the following print pairings:
Dot-C1820-Dove & Kidz-C6815-Grey
Kidz-C6814-Blue & Dot-C1820-Smoke
Dot-C1820-Silver & Kidz-C6813-Ice
Kidz-C6812-Navy & Dot-C1820-Steel

There will now be 2 sets of 4 igloo sides.  Press seams flat to one side.

Separate the pieces into two matching sets.  Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of one set according to the manufacturers instructions, fuse the foam to the other, leaving the 1/4″ fabric seam allowance around all sides.

Take the front pieces and fold in half, right side inward.

Cut out the opening area, using the stabilizer as your guide, leaving a 1/2″ allowance.

Start with two igloo outer sides.  With right sides facing, pin, then stitch together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Start where the stabilizer begins at the bottom and stop stitching where the stabilizer ends at the point of the igloo.

Add other sides to complete the outer.  Do not cross over previous side stitches at this end. This will keep the seams laying flat when turned.  Repeat this pattern of stitching for the lining.

Trim raw edges to reduce bulk and clip around curves, to make it easier to turn later.  To attach the base, start by matching up one side of the square base to one of the bottom sides of the igloo and pin.

Start and stop stitching 1/4″ from each end to make it easier to pivot and repeat for the remaining three sides.

Turn foam backed igloo right side out and insert the fleece backed igloo into it so the wrong sides are facing.
Carefully clip 1/4″ into into the three corners of the fabric of the opening triangle. Fold fabric edges inward and pin all the way around. Slipstitch the folded edges together by hand.

Now there’s a cute little igloo ready for a furry occupant to call it home:

Or a fun place for baby to play:

Happy stitching!

Guest Post: Harmony Skirt and Pocket Tutorial featuring Tonga Dragonfly

Hi everyone, Rachel here of Rachel Rossi Designs! Today I’m sharing my new Harmony Skirt pattern and pocket tutorial with you… let’s jump right in!

Fall fashion is my favorite. There’s always something fun new, and colorful to lead us into the most beautiful season of the year. I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on with you in a beautiful array of colors from Timeless Treasures.

You might be surprised to find that 2018 has been the year of quilts for mainstream fashion! Companies like Dior, Coach, and even Calvin Klein have been incorporating our craft into their fashion shows for the past two seasons, and I don’t think they plan on phasing them out anytime soon. You can see some of the garments here.

sewing pattern for pieced skirt

While mass production of quilted garments doesn’t seem feasible for most of the world, you possess a special talent that allows you to make this runway fashion your very own! Who knew quilting would be “in” for fall?!

To celebrate fall and the upcoming holiday season of handmade gifting, I recently released my newest creation, the Harmony Skirt. I’ve teamed up with Timeless Treasures and created a stunning fall skirt out of their new collection, Tonga Dragonfly. The collection is available in stores now! And, get your own copy of the Harmony pattern in my shop here.

Dragonfly Collection by Timeless Treasures

I had so much fun working with this fabric—batiks are always just a blast! I love the vibrancy and variety of color and whenever I find a little dot of wax, I get giddy! The entire process is fascinating to me.

Now, the only thing better than a one-of-a-kind skirt is a skirt with pockets…

pieced skirt with pockets

…am I right?!

So, today I’m not only sharing this awesome pattern with you, I’m also giving you the official hack for adding pockets into this beauty.

The best part about these pockets is that they are nearly invisible, so in addition to being lovely, this skirt will make you feel like a genius when you’re through.

If you are out on the pockets and want to grab your copy of the Harmony Skirt while it’s still hot, head on over to my shop to get your copy. After that, head to your local quilt shop to get your pack(s) of Dragonfly Tonga Treats!

Adding Pockets to the Harmony Skirt

Pockets are an easy addition to any skirt, but they are perfect for the comfy and forgiving Harmony Skirt! You can add pockets to both the knee length and maxi skirts.

Maxi length pieced skirt pattern

What You’ll Need

Pockets don’t require much more than a little bit of fabric and thread! I love using Variegated thread throughout this project, but you won’t be seeing your thread for these few simple steps.

Where to Start

Start at the begining of the Harmony pattern and work your way to Step 6. In step 6, you’ll lay out the strips as directed, but once you’ve laid them out, you should separate them into two sections. Create two units as you work to Step 10. After completing Step 10 for both units, you’ll add in this pocket hack and then continue on to Step 11 to finish your skirt.


First, we’ll need to cut out your pockets. Print out my free pocket template and cut out the paper template.

Next, you’ll fold your fabric so that you’ve got four layers. The beauty of Batiks is that there are no right or wrong sides, so cutting is a breeze! Place your template on top of the four layers, pin, and cut.

Place one of your pockets 5 inches below the waist on one of your skirt units. Make sure you’re matching the straight edge of the pocket with the straight edge of your skirt. Pin into place.

Use a scant 1/4″ seam to sew along the straight edge of the pocket. This will secure the skirt to the pocket. Open the pocket outward and iron. It should stick out like a dog ear. Repeat on the remaining 3 sides of your skirt units.

Sewing in pockets on a skirt

Next, you’ll match up your skirt units, right sides together. Carefully match your pockets and pin in place.

Using a true 1/4″ seam, stitch from the top of the skirt, around the pocket, and down the side of the skirt. If you’d like, you can go back and serge down the side and around the edge of the pocket to finish things off nicely, just make sure that you’re careful not to cut into the pocket or the skirt as you go!

Congrats! You’ve created your first pocket. Now repeat on the opposite side.

Now it’s time to finish the rest of your skirt! Head back on over to the Harmony pattern and wrap this thing up!

I want to thank Timeless Treasures for the opportunity to work with these beautiful fabrics from the Tonga Dragonfly collection, and for allowing me to share on the blog today! I also want to thank you for taking the time to check out my new design! Click here to to purchase your copy of the Harmony skirt. When you are shopping for supplies, don’t forget to grab the Dragonfly collection of Tonga Treats or any StripJr pack in your favorite colors!


Team Timeless // Mantel Scarf for the Holidays


Welcome to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Osie Lebowitz is back this month with a silver metallic mantel scarf just in time for holiday festivities. Get in the Christmas spirit and whip up this easy home decor project with plenty of time left over to wrap presents!



Christmas Mantel Scarf
Approx. Size – 18” x 42” (easily adjusted to be larger or smaller)
CLICK HERE for a printer-friendly PDF of this tutorial.

Fabric Requirements (from A Very Merry Christmas)

1/2 yard – Dot-CM9528 White
1/2 yard – Holiday-CM5168 Green
1 Fat Quarter – Holiday-CM6102 Cream
1/8 yard – Holiday-CM6103 Cream
1/8 yard – Hatch-CM2959 White
3/4 yard – Holiday-CM5166 Natural for backing (or piece holiday scraps to make it two-sided!)

Additional Materials
3/4 yard – White flannel (this gives a little body and doesn’t require quilting)
1 1/4 yards of fusible web
2 rolls – 3/8” Red ribbon (9’ each)
Templates for Ornament Shapes (PDF Download) Be sure to print at 100% or “actual” size — no page scaling (no seam allowance as templates are for fusible appliqué)

Cutting Instructions

From CM9528 White, cut one 14” x width-of-fabric (WOF).

From CM5168 Green, cut one 14” x WOF.

From fusible web, cut one 3” x 43” strip. Following fusible web instructions, fuse 3” x 43” web to wrong side of WOF edge of CM5168 Green. Leave the fusible paper on the backing at this time as it will stabilize the fabric while you follow the design of the branches on the fabric to cut a natural looking garland edge (refer to photo).

Using the three ornament shapes in the PDF template, trace a total of 9 ornaments to the fusible web. Following fusible web instructions, fuse web for ornaments on the wrong side of the CM6102 Cream and CM6103 Cream fabrics. Note the fussy placement on CM6102 Cream. Repeat for 9 ornaments tops with fabric CM2959 White. Cut out ornaments and tops.


Lay out CM9528 White on a flat ironing surface. Place CM5268 Green (overlapping the fusible) on the upper WOF on CM9528 White. NOTE: Don’t fuse the two together yet!

Arrange ornaments in a pleasing order with various heights. HINT: Don’t put them close to the bottom, as you will be trimming the bottom later for the swag.

Cut red ribbons in various lengths for the ornaments. Place bottom edge of the ribbon under each ornament. Once you have them in a pleasing arrangement fuse the ornaments in place following fusible web instructions. Add the CM2959 White ornament tops covering the ribbon and fuse. Now is the time to decide if you want any of the ribbons to go under the CM5168 Green fabric or on top. Fuse CM5168 Green to the top edge of Dot CM9528 White.

Choose a decorative stitch on your machine and a fun thread to stitch around each fusible fabric to hold in place. Go ahead and place it on your mantel and see if you need to trim down CM5268 Green, just be sure to leave seam allowances. Also check CM9528 White for desired length. Mark where you want the swag to be placed on the bottom edge at this time. HINT: I marked the swag curve on the back side of Dot CM9528 White for my sewing line.

Using the ribbon make bows for each ornament. Attach ribbons and bows in various heights on CM5168 Green.

To layer the project, lay flannel down first on a flat surface. Then lay the backing fabric right side up on top of the flannel aligning the edges. Finally place the mantel scarf on top of the backing, right side down. Base all 3 layers together. Stitch around the outer three straight edges and following the swag marking (stitch on the marked line) on CM9528 White. Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top middle of CM5168 Green for turning. Trim edges, corners and turn. Press and whip the opening closed and top stitch a ¼” around all edges.

Happy Holidays!!



Barb pin-basting the Caribbean Delight quilt

A Must-Make Quilt Pattern for our Ombre Fabrics!

We first introduced our Ombre fabrics in 2016 and they have been a hit ever since! If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of projects to make with these gorgeous fabrics (besides the Glow/Pastel GlowDapple free patterns and recommended publications on our website!), we have some amazing quilt inspiration today brought to you by Barb Cline.


Caribbean Delight Quilt

Barb is a quilt designer, author and teacher from Virginia who has been sharing her her techniques with others for over 35 years. She’s written five quilting books with C&T Publishing. (Find her website here and blog here!) This talented quilter recently fell in love with our ombre fabrics and wrote a super cool pattern that we’re thrilled show you.

The Caribbean Delight pattern features our digitally printed Rainbow Gradation set against a background of Solid-ish Basic by Kimberly Einmo. Barb was kind enough to share some behind-the-scenes photos of its creation. Check them out below!

Barb pin-basting the Caribbean Delight quilt

Barb pin-basting the Caribbean Delight quilt

Free motion quilting, following the lines she marked using a pounce tool

Free motion quilting, following the lines she marked using a pounce tool

Barb stippled using different colors of thread to match the star for each diamond

Barb stippled using different colors of thread to match the star for each diamond


A Pinwheel in the center of the quilt adds to the spinning effect

Parallel lines around the stars emphasize them and highlight the border

Parallel lines around the stars emphasize them and highlight the border


A color variation featuring Ombre-C4700 Peacock

You can find the Caribbean Delight pattern here. Happy quilting!

Sew Can Do Fabric Cornucopia Main TT

Team Timeless // Fabric Cornucopia

Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Cheryl Bush joins us this month with a festive project to kick off the holiday season. Continue on for instructions to make this Fabric Cornucopia, perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

Hello sewing friends! I got to work with some stunning fall hued Timeless Treasures fabrics for Team Timeless this month and came up with a fun & fabulous project for you.  Want to make a show stopping table topper for Thanksgiving this year?  Try my fabric cornucopia!

This three dimensional sewing project is stuffed to be just as substantial as a wicker version, but softer (and sweeter!):

And it’s completely fillable, so you can add all those gourds, fruits and vegetables of the season for a harvest themed decoration!

It’s a festive way to bring together lots of beautiful fall fabric designs too:

Fabric Cornucopia
7 1/2″W x 7 1/2″H  x 12″L

Shimmer Metallic -Rust
Shimmer Metallic – Green
Shimmer Metallic – Ivory
Packed Pumpkins Harvest-CM6392-Cream
Packed Pinecones and Leaves-CM6393-Autumn
Fall Foliage-CM6391-Harvest
Studio Basic-C3096-Brown
Studio Basic-C3096-Citrus
Studio Basic-C3096-Fire

Additional Supplies:
4 yards 1″ wide cotton cording
Design ruler or French curve ruler

From the Shimmer Metallic – Green and the Studio Basic – Brown cut (1) strip 5 1/2″ high by 24″ wide.
From each of the remaining 7 fabrics, cut (1) strip 6″ high by 24″ wide.


1. With right sides facing, stitch down the length of each strip using a 1/2″ seam allowance to make the casing strips. Turn right side out.


2. Press each strip so that the seam is in the center.

3. With seam sides facing outward, starting with the as the outside piece, begin stitching the sides of each casing strip together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Sew strips together in the following order:
Studio Basic – Brown
Fall Foliage
Shimmer Metallic – Rust
Studio Basic – Citrus
Packed Pumpkins
Shimmer Metallic – Ivory
Studio Basic – Fire
Packed Pinecones and Leaves
Shimmer Metallic – Green


When all sewn together, the wrong side should look like this:


4. With right sides facing fold in half. Use a design ruler/French curve ruler to create a curved arc shape and cut through both layers with rotary cutter.


The cornucopia should be 2 1/2″ while folded at the top end and is the full width (12″ while folded) at the bottom:


When opened it should have a rounded bell shape:


5. Next take the cotton cording. Measure and mark a length of cording for each fabric tube that is 1″ smaller than the fabric tube’s length.
Note: to keep the cut ends from fraying & opening when cut (which would make them more difficult to slide into the tube casings), tape around the area prior to cutting:


6. Cut each end on a 45 degree angle:


7. Snake each length through its corresponding fabric casing:


8. Leave 1/2″ open space on either end of each casing for the seam allowance:


9. To finish, do a French seam by putting the raw edges together with the right sides facing out and pin close to the cording to keep it from shifting while sewing:


10. Stitch open edges together with a 1/4″ seam allowance:


11. Trim down the seam and turn the cornucopia wrong side out. Pin layers together and sew another 1/4″ seam.


Turn right side out and stuff with your favorite Thanksgiving gourds, pumpkins or fruits for a fabulous fabric cornucopia!

team timeless collage-web

Get Ready for TEAM TIMELESS!


Do you love Timeless Treasures? Do you enjoy free tutorials by awesome designers? Yes? Well then, we’ve got a big treat in store for you! Introducing TEAM TIMELESS, launching this spring. These talented designers are bringing you fun new projects throughout the year! Every Team Timeless tutorial can be made using 1/2 yd cuts or less of your favorite fabrics. Get to know the team below and check back at the end of March for our first project, which will come from Osie Lebowitz!

Show some love to the new crew by leaving a comment on this post. What kinds of projects would you be most excited to see from them in the coming months?

Meet the designers behind Team Timeless!

Osie-photo_square1 Osie Lebowitz

Osie Lebowitz started sewing as a young girl by learning hand embroidery. She then found her true passion, quilting, when moving to a sewing machine. Over the years, Osie has made countless quilts for family, friends, and numerous charities. She has worked in quilt shops and taught quilting techniques for over 30 years, and also runs her own longarm business. Always up for a challenge, Osie began designing Broome Street Patterns for Timeless Treasures in 2011, and remains a key contributor to the free pattern line today. Osie has lived in several states following her husband’s career, meeting quilters and making lifelong friends. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and their two grown daughters, who also live in the Austin area.

Nicole-Photo_Square1Nicole Daksiewicz

Nicole Daksiewicz is a designer and quilter, and the owner of Modern Handcraft, where she shares tutorials and design inspiration. With all of her projects, the focus is about modern designs and expression through color. Nicole has worked with Timeless Treasures since the very start of her quilting career and is excited to be a part of Team Timeless! She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and son. Follow her on Instagram @modernhandcraft.

Stacey-Day-Photo_square1Stacey Day

By day, Stacey Day is an unassuming X-Ray Technologist in hot pink scrubs living in beautiful British Columbia. At night (and naptime) she transforms into an award-winning quilter, pattern writer, designer, and author of “Child’s Play Quilts”. Her work has appeared in numerous quilt shows and trunk shows across North America, and she has won ribbons for her quilts at AQS Lancaster, the Canadian National Juried Show, and more. When Stacey isn’t quilting, she can be found in a blanket fort full of cats and small children. You can follow the quilty happenings on her website,, or on Instagram @staceyinstitches.

Cheryl-Bush-Bio-Square1Cheryl Bush

Cheryl Bush is a designer, mom of four and long time Timeless Treasures collaborator. She created her blog, Sew Can Do, to share her sewing & craft tutorials and projects with other craft enthusiasts. She also runs her own online pattern shop, The Green Hedgehog, and retail fabric store, Heavenly Fabric Shop. You can find Cheryl on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.



Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15 Blog Tour

Welcome to day 2 of Quiltmaker‘s 100 Blocks Blog Tour! We’re celebrating the release of volume 15 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine!

Enter to win a copy of the new 100 Blocks issue at the end of this post!  

Featured on the front of the issue is the Spectra block (#1414), designed by Karen Bialik. This colorful block features our Breeze Basic fabric.



Click the icons to view all the colors in Breeze Basic. Breeze is also available in flannel!

Enter below to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 15!

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Visit Quilty Pleasures for more giveaways and project inspiration!

Can’t get enough Breeze? When you’re finished sewing up the Spectra block, check out this fun Breeze Basic *free* pattern, Pineapple Tidbits, also designed by Karen Bialik! If you love Breeze as much as we do, this quilt is a total must-have!


Thanks for stopping by!


Dash Basic Charity Quilts + New Colors!


We teamed up with the NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild to create these charity quilts using Dash Basic by Quilts for Kids!

Quilts for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that transforms fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. 10% of net sales from the Dash Basic collection are donated to the organization. To date, hundreds of thousands of children have received handmade patchwork quilts from the organization, and millions of pounds of fabric samples have been kept from landfills and repurposed!

Scroll down to see more of these bright, eye-catching quilts.




To create these quilts, guild members paired up in teams of two. Each pair chose a fat eighth set of Dash and Hatch Basics. One person’s block would use a bright Dash color and a light background, and the second person’s block would invert the fabric placement. The fabric color selected was the determining factor for which block would be interpreted.

Turquoise was Churn Dash, Fuchsia was a Star Block, Orange was Log Cabin, Yellow was a Cross Block, and Lime was Flying Geese.

The pairs of two were free to interpret the block in a new way, and make a set of two, inverting the colors. The guild then collected the blocks, laid out three quilt tops, and volunteers pieced, quilted and bound the quilts.





We love the vibrant color palette of Dash Basic


…and we just added 4 new colors to the collection!

CharcoalGreenGrey, and White.




These Dash Basic quilts will be donated to Quilts for Kids.

Special thanks to the NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild!

We hope you’re inspired to create with Dash Basic! Tag us on social media @sewtimeless and use #timelesstreasures—we’re always excited to see what you create.


Row by Row Revealed!

2016 Round RxR HSH logo

The 2017 Row by Row Experience theme and fabric have been revealed! The theme is “On the Go”, and we have new and exciting projects to go along with next year’s fabric line. This is going to be an exciting year for Row by Row, and there’s already lot of buzz about it! It kicks off June 21, 2017 and runs all summer long.

Watch the video to learn more about what’s in store for this summer’s Row by Row Experience.

If you’re new to Row by Row, find everything you need to know here. In for some real summer fun!

Debra Gabel has designed a new collectible fabric line to celebrate next year’s event. The line features a map, quilters’ license plates, stamps, sewing rules, and more! (And there are plenty of coordinating blenders to go with them!) On the Go is hitting shops in January 2017. Preview the collection below.

We have exciting projects coming up—designed with your one-of-a-kind Row by Row Experience in mind.

All of the projects below will be FREE PATTERNS available on our website starting January 2017.


Tote bags by Linda Griepentrog

Show off the rows you’ve collected with these free layout patterns. It’s never been easier to finish your Row by Row quilts!


On The Road Again by Osie Lebowitz (77.5″ x 97.5″)


Travelogue by Osie Lebowitz (73.5″ x 79.5″)


Sewing machine cover by Osie Lebowitz


Pillow by Osie Lebowitz


North Star by Osie Lebowitz, which features Java blenders from our 2017 Row by Row Palette collection

Happy Rowing, everyone!


Get Ready for Quilt Market!


Next week we’ll be heading to Houston for Quilt Market, a twice yearly trade show for businesses in the fabric and quilting industry. We’ll be sharing our newest fabrics and the incredible quilts and sewing projects that go along with them. Shop owners from around the world attend this event to keep up with the latest innovations in fabric, patterns, books, sewing machines, and notions. It’s quite an affair!

If you’ll be at Quilt Market, be sure to visit us in Booth 1314! We are very excited to show off all our new and upcoming collections. We’ll be introducing…

• Forever Collection, Tonga Rosé, and Tonga Passion Fruit by Judy & Judel Niemeyer of Quiltworx
• Tonga Riviera batiks, pre-cuts, and projects by Daniela Stout
• Dominicana, the debut collection by Vanessa Vargas Wilson of Crafty Gemini
• New Block of the Month programs by Wing and a Prayer, Sassafras Lane Designs, and Cheryl Malkowski
• Row by Row 2017 – new fabrics by Debra Gabel and free patterns
• Quilt collections by Chong-a Hwang and Michele D’Amore
• Fun novelties, breathtaking panels, classic quilting collections and gorgeous Tonga Batik/Tonga Treat collections (plus 2 new Tonga Treat products!)

Here’s a peek at some of amazing quilts we’ll be showcasing in our booth. Which one is your favorite?


Forever Collection by Judy & Judel Niemeyer – Dragon Star by Quiltworx


Tonga Forest Floor – Block of the Month by Wing and a Prayer Design


Dominicana by Vanessa Vargas Wilson – free pattern coming soon – Ventanas by Vanessa Vargas Wilson


Riviera by Daniela Stout – Criss Cross by Cozy Quilt Designs


Breeze Basic – Privet Drive by Sassafras Lane Designs


Radiance – free pattern coming soon – Flower Burst by Osie Lebowitz


True Blue – Gemstone by Cheryl Malkowski


Glamour – free pattern coming soon – Petal Pathways by Heidi Pridemore


Fresh Cut by Michele D’Amore – Poppies by Diane McGregor

If you’ll be following along at home, be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes photos from the show!

Follow us here: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter


“Helping Hands” QuiltCon Charity Quilts


Remember QuiltCon West back in February? To help jog your memory, that’s when Timeless Treasures and Dear Stella, our sister company, shared a booth and combined efforts to make “helping hands” charity blocks with attendees. Our goal was to use these blocks to give quilts back to the Pasadena community that hosted QuiltCon West. Catch the full recap here.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and lent a helping hand in making a block! Download the list of block contributors here. (If you contributed a block, but do not see your name on the list, send us an email at [email protected])



We collected almost 200 “helping hand” blocks at the show and, fast forward to now, TEN (!) beautiful quilts were made with the help of Osie Lebowitz and her generous team of volunteers: Debbie Balagia, Rita Barrett, Shirley Berry, Marge Lentricchia, and Becky Rodier.

The beneficiary of these quilts is Rosemary Children Services. Here’s a little information from their website about the organization and its efforts to help children:

Rosemary Children’s Services continues as one of the oldest West Coast charities that helps boys and girls of all ages who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. Our programs include a Foster Care and Adoptions agency, which helps nearly 400 children, annually, throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, a Wraparound program that provides helpful supportive services to our designated children and families, a Mental Health Program to provide individual and group therapy and training in various life skills, and the Residential Program which includes the Rosemary Cottage and four group homes.

Follow Rosemary Children’s Services on their websiteFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We encourage you to support this wonderful organization by donating your own handmade quilts or other children’s items (click the donate tab on their website to learn more about what they accept). This “helping hands” quilt makes a great project for a guild or a charity sewing group.









We love the cheery sky backings and colorful basics used for the bindings on all of these quilts. We hope they bring a smile to each recipient’s face! Thank you to the many volunteers who helped us make this happen.


Accuquilt Project Roundup!

We <3 AccuQuilt! Their die-cutting system making preparing your quilt projects a breeze. Plus, the cuts are perfectly accurate — which can sometimes be tricky to accomplish by hand.

We love that they offer free patterns to go with their dies, so we rounded up some recent favorites below!

These adorable soft blocks feature Pop and Soho Solids. Brighten your baby room with these GO! Quilted Qube Pillows!


soft blocks

The dark purples and greens from our Tonga Gypsy batiks add dimension and really make this pattern pop. It’s the “Escher” free pattern, which uses the GO! Qube Mix & Match 6″ Block die.


This two-color quilt was made by our very own Marketing Coordinator, Hayden, using Tonga-B4362-Squash (from Judy and Judel’s Tonga Petals collection) and an icy grey Tonga batik from her stash. She used the Hunter’s Star Block-on-Board die and pattern. This die cuts out all the required shapes for the Hunter’s Star block in one pass! The pattern may look intimidating, but the piecing is simple. Read more about this quilt on Hayden’s blog.


These are just a few of the projects that you can make using AccuQuilt’s versatile die cutters– the possibilities are endless! Tag #timelesstreasures and #accuquilt in your projects online so we can see what you create!


Pattern Love: Triplizip Zipper Pouches


The Triplizip Zipper Pouch Pattern by Jeni Baker is so versatile! It’s also a perfect pattern for getting comfortable with sewing zippers, which can be intimidating for beginners. We love that it includes instructions for three handy projects: a simple lined pouch, a cosmetic pouch and a boxy pouch. They make great custom gifts too! Check out all the fun projects we made using this pattern.


The possibilities for these cute little pouches are endless. Our knitting sheep fabric is a no-brainer for yarn lovers.


These bags are also great for sewing and quilting on the go. Keep hexies, notions, fabric scraps and small hand sewing projects tidy and portable! Our sewing chalkboard fabric looks so cute in this pattern. Mix it with your favorite TT basic (we used Dash) or Soho Solid.


These science-themed pouches are perfect for school supplies — for both students and teachers!



Keep your tech organized as you travel. We couldn’t resist our emoticon print for toting around cables, mp3 players and chargers.


How will you use your pouch? Share your projects on social media by tagging #timeslesstreasures. Find us on Instagram and Twitter at @sewtimeless — and on Facebook too!


Doll Days! Dress Giveaway


Do you remember our doll dresses from Spring Quilt Market? They were a huge hit and now they’re back for a giveaway!

These adorable doll dresses were designed and sewn by Erin Hentzel of Avery Lane Designs using some of our cutest novelty fabrics.

The designs are available in her book “Doll Days!” from C&T Publishing, released this past spring. Her book is filled with vintage-inspired, fashion-forward outfits for 18″ dolls that you can mix and match, embellish and more. The possibilities are endless!


Learn techniques like hemming scallop skirts and create a beautiful wardrobe for your own dolls or for a doll lover you know.

doll days book

Enter below for a chance to win three of the doll dresses we displayed in our Quilt Market booth. Good luck!

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Row by Row Palette Contest Winner!

We are so happy to announce the winner of the Row by Row Palette Contest today! Drum roll please…

Congratulations Cut Up and Sew!

Participating shops were required to use at least six fabrics from our Palette collection or the official Row by Row Home Sweet Home collection by Debra Gabel to make their free row pattern. Check out Cut Up and Sew’s amazing row!

Cut Up and Sew’s row was designed by Evy Hawkins of A Bit of Stitch, who was inspired by the story of The Three Little Pigs. Shop owner Pat says, “As you can see, our little pig ran all the way home… to the beach!!”

Rowers, stop by Cut Up and Sew this summer to pick up their adorable row pattern!

For more information about Row by Row, check out our blog post here and visit the Row by Row website. Be sure to also follow Row by Row Studio for updates all summer long.


Row by Row 2016!

The Row by Row Experience kicked off this week! We can’t wait to follow along as you collect row patterns, kits, FabricPlates, and the official 2016 Row by Row fabric line by exploring shops all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Over 3,000 shops are participating!

Here’s a map of participating shops:

There are plenty of adorable patterns designed to work with the Row by Row fabric collection, Home Sweet Home by Debra Gabel. Check them out below!

Tote Bag, designed by Linda Griepentrog (free pattern!)

Download here

2016 Bags

Travel Pillow, designed by Osie Lebowitz (free pattern!)

Download here


Apron Trio, designed by Linda Griepentrog (free pattern!)

Download here

Our Cat’s Home, designed by Aunties Two

Pattern info here

Go and Grow bag, designed by Sew Very Easy (free pattern & YouTube tutorial!)

Download here

For more information about Row by Row, check out our blog post here and visit the Row by Row website. Be sure to also follow Row by Row Studio for updates all summer long!

We can’t wait to see what you stitch up, and don’t forget your RxR tote bag to stash all your new goodies in! Safe travels and HAPPY ROWING!


Chocolate Bunnies Easter Quilt + Giveaway!

It’s almost spring, and we’re busily preparing for Easter!

Amy Bradley just released a festive pattern that features our Pin Dots, Polka Dots, Tribeca Dots, and White Soho Solid. We are so in love with it, we could almost eat those chocolate bunnies right off the quilt. Don’t they look delicious?

The Chocolate Bunnies pattern includes options for two versions. One called “Bunnies and Baskets”:


And one called “Bunnies and Pinwheels”:


Amy has graciously offered a copy of her Chocolate Bunnies pattern to a lucky SewTimeless reader. We’re tossing in a 14-piece fat eighth bundle of Pin Dots as well, perfect for the basket appliqué pieces. Enter via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re looking for more spring-ready fabrics to brighten your Easter decor, check out the new Gabrielle collection by Tribeca.

No products found which match your selection.

Check them out in Diane McGregor’s cheerful Bunnies Galore pattern!

Bunnies Quilt-Revised

Have a happy Easter!


Visit us at QuiltCon!


QuiltCon West is next week! We’re sharing an exhibitor booth with our sister company, Dear Stella. The show is February 18-21, and we’ll be ready for you in booth 921.


We had a blast at QuiltCon last year, and it was for a great cause! Attendees helped us create over 200 blocks that would later be turned into bright & fun charity quilts by Project Linus volunteers. See the full show recap here, and check out all the donation quilts here!


Project Linus quilts made from 200+ blocks stitched in our booth last year!

We are always amazed by the generosity of our wonderful quilt community, which is why we’re continuing with a similar effort in our QuiltCon booth this year. We’ll be making charity blocks again, this time with a new twist. We hope you will lend a “Helping Hand” (psst… that’s a hint!).

Here’s a peek at some of the fun you’ll find in our booth next week. Aurifil and Prym Consumer have generously provided supplies to help create our charity blocks. (How gorgeous is this Aurifloss!?) We can’t wait to show you what we’re making when the show starts next Thursday! Be sure to follow along on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

quiltcon thread fabric

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for fabric giveaways! Don’t miss these chances to win:


See you in Pasadena!


Say Hello to Dash Basic!

Say hello to the bright and cheerful Dash Basic collection! We partnered up with Quilts for Kids to create a custom basics line that supports their organization. 10% of net sales are donated, so you’re supporting a great cause with every purchase. We’re proud to be a long-time supporter of this wonderful organization and are thrilled to introduce this collection with them!

quilts for kids- web logodash-basic-w-logo-copy-for-web

Quilts for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that transforms fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. To date, hundreds of thousands of children have received handmade patchwork quilts from the organization, and millions of pounds of fabric samples have been kept from landfill and repurposed.

From Linda Arye, Founder:

As an Interior Designer, I always had a love of textiles. It was during a visit to the Design Center in Philadelphia that I noticed a showroom filled with large trash bags of fabric samples being thrown out. It is the reason that the charity Quilts For Kids was created.

I wanted to take the cottons and make quilts that would comfort children in need. My own daughter, Mollie, was hospitalized with a life threatening illness and didn’t have anything to hold onto while she was scared. Her stuffed animal had “allergen issues,” so wasn’t allowed. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in need, and keeping fabric from landfill and repurposing it into quilts that comfort children made sense.

To learn more about this great cause, check out! Be sure to check out their Patterns page for quilts that you can whip up quickly for children in need. Dash Basic makes a great kids’ quilt on its own, or mixed with our bright novelties!



We’re organizing a special quilt challenge with the NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild to celebrate the release of this new collection. The quilt will feature Dash Basics and ultimately be donated to Quilts for Kids. Be sure to stay tuned to the SewTimeless blog and social media in the coming months for updates!


Holiday Stocking Tutorial from Shiny Happy World

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Now it’s “officially” the holiday season, and we could not be more excited. What better way to kick off the most festive time of year than by stitching up some cute stockings for friends and family?

Head to Shiny Happy World for the free Christmas stocking pattern and tutorial. Wendi used assorted Timeless basics like Willow, Polka Dot, Sketch, Jazz and Pop for the designs pictured below!

shw logo


The Santa appliqué pictured above is a free pattern — and so is the charming alphabet used for the name! Use any of the free appliqué, embroidery or quilting patterns available here, or simply adapt your favorite blocks from Wendi’s purchasable appliqué patterns. There are also tons of cute embroidery designs you can apply to your stockings! Patterns can be printed at a reduced size to fit the area you’re embellishing.


Use the many resources on Shiny Happy World to get started — there are plenty of lessons, video tutorials, guides to various techniques, and supplies available right there on her website.


Happy holidays!


Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 12 Blog Tour!

It’s our turn to celebrate the new issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks as part of their their Volume 12 Blog Tour! Visit Quilty Pleasures for the scoop on this fun event – there are lots of talented participants to follow, and tons of great prizes to win (including our fabric, of course!).

Plus, you can win a copy of the new 100 Blocks issue right here! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this blog post.


Pick up Volume 12 of 100 Blocks (on newsstands this week), and be sure to bookmark these fabulous blocks featuring our fabrics!


Ruminated Rhythm, block #1119 designed by Kelly Eisinger, Editorial Assistant, Quiltmaker. Fabrics Featured: Tonga Tahiti Batiks


Starring Role, block #1156 designed by Denise Starck, Art Director, Quiltmaker. Fabrics featured: Timeless Treasures Pop Basics


Endless Rainbow, block #1195 designed by Paula Stoddard, Creative Editor, Quiltmaker. Fabrics featured: Tribeca mixed with Soho Solids


Block Tester Quilt: Style Moderne Sampler, by Megan Ferris. Fabrics Featured: Charleston by REVIVE.

The back cover of the magazine also features our ad for Chong-a Hwang‘s new Essex collection. Don’t miss this gorgeous collection, featured in The Sweet Tea Girls’ Oriental Harmony pattern. Get the fabric requirements here.

Essex Ad

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by! Happy stitching…