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George McCartney

George McCartney grew up in New York City where his early interest in graphic illustration led him to attend classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At this internationally acclaimed museum, he had the opportunity to develop his talent by studying and drawing directly from the master works of the world’s greatest artists.

George continued his art education at the State University of New York, earning his bachelor’s degree in 1997.  Since then, he has worked with various media in the fields of illustration and graphic design.  Over the years, his artwork has been featured frequently on the covers of Chronicles Magazine and in the pages of Guideposts. His work also has appeared in corporate publications and product packaging.

George established himself as textile artist beginning in 2002 at the request of his wife, Kristin, who was then working at the fabric company, Timeless Treasures, Inc.  Today, his illustrations can be seen on fabrics around the world.  You’ll find his cupcake design in Katy Perry’s popular music video, “California Gurls,” where it graces Snoop Dogg’s resplendent three-piece suit!  And his images of fire-fighters decorate Mickey Rourke’s curtains and bedsheets in the award-winning film, The Wrestler.

Today George frequently visits New York City to manage the textile side of his business, but otherwise he and Kristin reside in Cary, North Carolina with their children, William, Ronan, and Georgia.

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Shirley Ng-Benitez

Shirley Ng-Benitez is a children’s book author and illustrator who loves to draw and write!

Rachel Hauer

Rachel Hauer is an artist and tattooer at East River Tattoo.

Dona Gelsinger

From a very young age, Dona Gelsinger had a love and appreciation for art. She would sit for hours watching her Grandfather as he painted landscapes in oil.
chonga web photo

Chong-a Hwang

Chonga's artistic taste developed during her more formative years when she was often caught following her father with a paintbrush in hand trying to imitate his talented abilities.
debi hron temp

Debi Hron

Debi Hron knew at age five she would follow in her father's footsteps.
debra gabel-crop

Debra Gabel

Meet the Creative Director of Row by Row Experience, & designer behind Zebra Patterns.
gail cadden pic cropped

Gail Cadden

Gail Cadden's career as an artist started in 2nd grade when she realized a spectacular cover would earn her a better grade on her book reports!
george mccartney crop

George McCartney

George McCartney grew up in New York City where his early interest in graphic illustration led him to attend classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Judy and Judel Niemeyer

Judy Niemeyer has been designing paper pieced designs for over 20-years and is the owner of Quiltworx.com, a family-owned paper piecing design company based in Northwestern Montana.
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Michael Searle

For the past twenty five years Michael Alan Searle has enjoyed a successful career as a freelance illustrator, designer, and creative director.

Samarra Khaja

Samarra Khaja makes happy, beautiful things, inspired by her love of travel, local markets, food and culture, and her young sons.

Wing and A Prayer Design

Wing and a Prayer Design was formed in June 2007 from two kindred spirits, Toni Kay Steere and Jenny Foltz, both with a love of color, fabric and quilting.