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Dino-Mite Fun with It’s Sew Emma

oDino-mite3 copy

Introducing: Dino-Mite in cotton & flannel, a dinosaur collection that’s out of this world! Features two bright colorways.

Mix & match colors and substrates to create the perfect quilt for the dino-lover/future paleontologist in your life!

Scroll for collection and quilt details.



Dino-Mite Cotton. Hover for more information. Click to view larger.

Cotton blenders for Dino-Mite.

Dino-Mite Flannel.

Check out the awesome quilts by It’s Sew Emma that feature Dino-Mite Cotton & Flannel! These patterns are versatile and look super cute in either a blue or pink colorway.

oDino-mite2 copy


Peyton at Play by It’s Sew Emma (Dino-Mite Flannel)



Around the Block by It’s Sew Emma (Dino-Mite Cotton)

Happy stitching!

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