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Today we’re sharing Judy and Judel Niemeyer‘s latest fabric releases! Say hello to Bohemian BluesGypsy Strip Set, and Tonga Baltic Mini Collection! These collections are hitting stores now—check with your local quilt shop to see if they’re in!

Check out the photos of all the new fabrics below and keep scrolling to see the all the stunning projects you can make with them.

For a chance to win a sweet stack of Bohemian Blues and the Gypsy Strip Set, read to the end of the post!

Bohemian Blues:


Click the swatches for a larger image.

Tonga Baltic Mini Collection:

Gypsy Strip Set:


The Quiltworx projects that pair with these collections are absolutely gorgeous. We did a round up several of them below but be sure to check out our Projects page for even more!

We’ll start with Bohemian Blues, then Gypsy Strip Set, and finish with Tonga Baltic Mini Collection. Tell us which of these is your favorite is in the comments section.


Bohemian Blues – Summer Solstice Queen by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Diamonds In Bloom by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Raindrops by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Shooting Stars by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Lakeshore Hosta Queen Mixer by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Windy Day by Quiltworx


Bohemian Blues – Winter Traditions by Quiltworx


Gypsy Strip Set – Gemstone Wedding Star by Quiltworx


Gypsy Strip Set – Flowers For My Wedding Ring by Quiltworx


Gypsy Strip Set – Fractured Star by Quiltworx


Tonga Baltic – Evergreen Tree Skirt by Quiltworx


Tonga Baltic – Frozen Fountain by Quiltworx

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win fabric from Judy and Judel’s latest releases! Giveaway ends Friday, December 15 at 5pm EST.

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  1. Felicity A. Lowinger
    Felicity A. Lowinger says:

    All beautiful fabrics and gorgeous projects, I’d be happy to make any one of them ….

  2. Anita
    Anita says:

    I love all of the fabrics and patterns featured in this post, but my favorite is Gypsy Strip Set – Flowers For My Wedding Ring by Quiltworx!

  3. Anita
    Anita says:

    I love all of the patterns and quilts featured in this post! My favorite is Gypsy Strip Set – Flowers For My Wedding Ring by Quiltworx!

  4. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    So hard to pick a favorite! I would pick Summer Solstice because of that middle border that looks kind of like ribbon.Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful bundle.

  5. Beth
    Beth says:

    Bohemian Blues is beautiful blues are my favorite color. Winter Traditions is one I can’t wait to make.

  6. Brenda P
    Brenda P says:

    Windy day and Winter Tradition caught my eye right away and I have an amazing love for blue and white quilts

  7. Jillian Anderson
    Jillian Anderson says:

    Bohemian Blues is gorgeous…..I plan on trying one of Judy’s patterns in 2018! A big challenge for me…♥️

  8. Edith Gorzo
    Edith Gorzo says:

    Thanks for the draw. Bohemian Blues are really fabulous, as is the Gypsy Strip set in the Gemstone Wedding Star.

  9. Linda
    Linda says:

    Bohemian Blues are a perfect collection. It’s difficult to choose a favorite design, Diamonds in Bloom reminds me of the very first quilt I made, so I’ll say “that’s it!” Beautiful work, ladies.

  10. Cathy Wilson
    Cathy Wilson says:

    Such beautiful, stunning array of fabrics. Love your Bohemian Blues. I would love to do this in the Lakeshore Hosta pattern.

  11. Carol J Pickens
    Carol J Pickens says:

    Very difficult to choose a favorite of these fabrics. I love winter and Christmas fabrics as well as colors that remind me of the ocean so I lean toward the Bohemian Blues. Really love them all.

  12. Celeste York
    Celeste York says:

    I love the blues…either Bohemian or mini Baltic. It’s hard to pick a favorite; they are all beautiful. The ones that really caught my eye was the Summer Solstice and Evergreen tree skirt. Looking forward to seeing your fabrics in my local quilt store!

  13. Jeanne W
    Jeanne W says:

    Bohemian Blues – Summer Solstice Queen by Quiltworx or frozen fountain made with Bohemian Blues. How can you pick a favorite. I taught Math for 35 years. I love the symmetry and designs.

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