New Novelty Roundup + MYSTERY PRIZE!

New novelties are on their way and we’ve compiled some of our favorites!

We also have a mystery prize we’re gifting to one lucky reader—continue for details!

Planes, trains, and all things that go! Go, Go, Go ships November.

Throw moderation out the window because these sweets are all fun and no calories!!! Sugar Mania ships October.

We’ve taken to the stars to draw inspiration for these new feline friends… Astrocats ships October.

We bet you can’t just choose one… Glow in the dark Space Cats (ships November) and festival-ready, Petal Purrfect Cats (ships October).

You can always rely on us for fun cat prints… Box Cats ships October!

Fancy a treasure hunt from sea to shining sea? Look no further than Treasure Island! (Ships December)

Pandas (shipping now) and Elephants (ships October).

Glitter adds a special touch to these pretty designs… Fairy Trail and Ballerina (both ship October).

Busy builders and construction workers in Dig It. (Ships November)

Playful Frogs ! (Ships October)

And last but not least, Sealife Vacation by Michael Searle! (Ships November)

Share with us!

What is your favorite fabric from this post? What fun novelty designs would you want to see next from Timeless Treasures? Tell us in the comments!

We’re choosing one random commenter and gifting a mystery bundle of novelty fabrics featured in this blog post! We will choose the lucky commenter Monday, October 2 at 3:00pm EST.

Good luck!!!

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  1. Connie H.
    Connie H. says:

    I love novelty fabric, so it’s difficult to choose just one favorite. I think Dig it is my top pick in this group. And more animals in general would be awesome.

  2. Tara Horne
    Tara Horne says:

    I love the dolphins! Anything nautical/tropical is right up my alley. Would love to see some fun flamingos!

  3. Sandra Williams
    Sandra Williams says:

    I love Timeless Treasures fabrics, they’re so colourful and interesing. I adore all of these designs, but particularly the box cats, and the sealife collection. I hope I’m lucky enough to be chosen for the mystery prize!

    I would love to see realistic safari animals in leafy rainforest or savanah settings. I’d also love to see orchids and more of the realistic cat prints.

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hard to choose, but I love the boats, planes & the fun frogs! I love to use these fun novelty designs in my quilt designs. How about some colorful alligators, dogs, birds?

  5. Liz Osterkamp
    Liz Osterkamp says:

    The sealife vacation is my favorite. The ocean is so captivating and these fabrics take you there. Would love to see some art deco themed fabric.

  6. Terrie
    Terrie says:

    Trains planes, things that go. Soon there will be 3 grandsons. I also love ths sealife vacation, lovely colors. Comic heros, Puppies, Zoo animals would be also fantastic! Dinosaurs, florals

  7. Tamara Johnson
    Tamara Johnson says:

    Astrocats is my favorite. It’s so hard to find fun cat fabrics for my catnip pillows. A rabbit breed fabric would be fun, or maybe snowglobes or dragons.

  8. judi duncan
    judi duncan says:

    Sealife vacation is my fave,,,my daughter is a marine biologist,,,and you just don’t see many octopuses…octopi! Next collection? More marine life of course!

  9. Debbie Patton
    Debbie Patton says:

    I love the Sealife vacation collection (beautiful flow of colors and sealife)
    I would love to see a fun workout collection and a zoo collection

  10. Quilting Jeannie
    Quilting Jeannie says:

    Box cats and Jelly Fish are my two favorites! What fun quilts these lines will make. How about a charm pack for making an I Spy Quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Cecilia
    Cecilia says:

    I like Sea Life Vacation best, but I need the airplane print from Planes, trains and everything that go, for my husband who is a pilot. I would like to see an insect collection.

  12. Janie M
    Janie M says:

    I like Sea Life. I would love to see Cosmetics and Hair products, I think they would look great for teens and tweens.

  13. Gail
    Gail says:

    I like the Dig It construction fabrics. I have 3 grandsons and these fabrics would make cute pillowcases or quilts for them. I would like to see dachshund fabric.

  14. Anke Hagedorn
    Anke Hagedorn says:

    Dear tt-team,
    I’m from Germany and always happy to find your wonderful fabrics with cats and dogs, since my family consists of two cats and three little dogs. I love to sew dresses and skirts for my crazy friend from the UK and for myself with pets only. I’ve created quite a few pieces with tt fabric. In this round the Petal Purrfect Cats totally win my heart. We are looking forward to finding more pet creations and would love to see some new doggies again soon. Since my friend and I both have little “nakkid” dogs, how about you give it a try with Chinese Cresteds hairless? They are so beautiful and funny at the same time :-) Love from Germany, Anke & her pet bunch

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