Emerald Coast Border Final

Say Hello to Studio Ombre!

You may be familiar with our Studio Basics, but did you know that we also offer Studio in ombre shades? Check out Studio Ombre, our gorgeous Studio prints that gradually blend from light to dark.

There are currently Studio Ombre colors in eight versatile shades, and you can find them in stores now.

Coming up this summer, though, we’ve got eight *new* colors joining the ranks! Take a peek below to see what’s coming up. You’ll for sure be seeing these featured in our Quilt Market booth later this month!

We love the opportunity for creativity that these ombre prints provide. Whether you’re making a quilt, a new bag, or a garment, these prints will certainly make for a unique sewing project. Imagine the possibilities!

Here are some projects featuring Studio Ombre. First up are these super useful (and beautiful!) Camden Bags and Bowls by Aunties Two. Those bowls would be especially handy in your sewing room!

Ombre-Camden Bags and Bowls_opt

We’re also loving this *free* quilt pattern! It’s called Emerald Coast and was designed by Nan Baker. This quilt perfectly shows off the gradient effect of Studio Ombre.

Emerald Coast Border FinalAnd for our last ombre-inspired project, check out this showstopper! The pattern is Fractured Cabins by Pine Tree Country Quilts. Yet another gorgeous example of our Studio Ombre in action.

Fractured CabinsAsk for Studio Ombre at your local quilt shop or from your favorite online retailer. We can’t wait to see what you make!