Introducing Sue Schlabach!

We’re thrilled to introduce Sue Schlabach as the latest addition to our talented group of designers!



Sue Schlabach has worked for Wild Apple as a designer, art director and artist for 15 years. Her love of the arts began as a child in southeastern Pennsylvania where she grew up in a house filled with references to botany, towers of books, antique quilts, and the ticking and tocking of many heirloom clocks. In such a place, you just start to make things, and thus began a lifelong obsession. Sue’s art includes painted works in acrylics and oils, multi-media collage and photographic collage.

Check out Sue’s debut collection, Modern Curiosity. We love the rich colors and nature-inspired motifs. It reminds us of pressing flowers in a scrapbook, or taking a stroll through a butterfly garden.

Modern Curiosity coordinates beautifully with these Studio Basics.

Look for this collection in stores next month!


FREE PATTERN COMING SOON – Modern Curiosity by Karen Bialik (87.5″ x 104″)

stepping up modern curiousity

Stepping Up by Mountainpeek Creations (55.5″ x 68.5″)