Team Timeless // Mesh Beach Bag



Welcome back to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft returns this month with instructions for these summer-ready beach bags. They are perfect for wet sandy conditions thanks to the mesh on the bottom!

Today’s tutorial is a collaboration with byAnnie, who generously provided the mesh fabric seen here. They offer tons of fabulous bag-making supplies like interfacings, notions, hardware and patterns. Look for byAnnie products at your local quilt shop and online! If you like these bags and want to take your summer sewing to the next level, check out their Meshing Around backpack, Mad About Mesh pouches, Picnic in the Park bag, and Siesta Fiesta portable lounge mat.



Mesh Beach Bag

Materials Needed:
• 1 Fat Quarter – main panel – All Over Pineapple Fun-C7040-Yellow
1 Fat Eighth – accent color – Mix Basic Mix C7200-Sun
1 Fat Eighth – for ribbon – Mix Basic Mix C7200-Lipstick
• 1 package of lightweight byAnnie mesh fabric in color Dandelion
• Coordinating thread
Sewing machine with a zig zag stitch option
Large safety pin
Fray check (optional)
Note: Alternate colorway features Fun-C7039-Turq, Mix-C7200-Pumpkin, Mix-C7200-Surf, and byAnnie mesh fabric in color Pumpkin


Cutting Directions:
• Main panel – (2) 18” x 6″ rectangles
• Accent color – (2) 18″ x 4″
• Ribbon – cut fat eighth into 3” x 18” strips, sew together short ends and press open seams to create one long 50-60″ strip
• Mesh (2) 18″ x 14″ – Make sure that the stretch of the mesh is horizontal (running along the 18” side), to keep the bottom of the bag from stretching when you fill it.


Sewing Directions:

1.Take the two pieces of accent fabric to iron. Fold the short (4”) ends wrong sides together by 1/2” and press. Fold again 1/2” and press. Stitch along the edge to secure as shown below.


2. Fold rectangles in half lengthwise wrong sides together, and press.


3. Place raw edges of folded fabric along the top (long side) of a main panel. Center so that there is equal space on each (left & right) side. Pin in place to secure. Repeat with the other accent piece and main panel.


4. Sew along edge with a straight stitch about 1/2” from edge. Follow with a zigzag stitch along the edge to secure seam and loose threads. Repeat for the other accent piece and main panel.


5. Fold flap open folding under the zigzag edge. Press in place and top stitch along front to secure.



6. Place bottom of main panel face down along 18” side of mesh. Straight stitch 1/2” from edge. Follow with a zigzag stitch at the raw edge to finish seam allowance. Repeat for other half.


7. Fold open and top along front, securing mesh fold underneath. Repeat for other half.



8. Place front and back right sides together. Clip or pin in place, aligning each section. Sew left, bottom and right sides with a straight stitch, following with a zig zag stitch to secure seams. The top of the bag should remain open.


9. To make fabric ribbon, take your strip measuring 3” x 50-60” to your iron. Press in half lengthwise and open. Press each long edge toward the middle crease. Fold along middle crease once more, and give it a final press. Your ribbon should be approximately 3/4″ wide.


10. At machine, topstitch along the open edge to secure. Clip edges at an angle and treat raw edge with fray check (or carefully finish the raw edges with a zigzag stitch, going slow so as not to stretch the fabric).


11. Pin safety pin to one edge of ribbon. Feed through one side of bag top, then turn back to continue through the other side, meeting both ends at the starting side.


12. Tie a knot to secure bag strap.


Fill it up with sunscreen, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses, and your favorite beach read. See you at the shore!