Tonga Focus Party! Plus GIVEAWAY

Welcome to the Tonga Focus Party! 🎉

This week we are celebrating the release of our Tonga Focus batik collections! This new Tonga concept features a 60 piece batik collection in three distinct groupings of 20 pieces each. The debut assortment includes Tonga Confetti, Tonga Paisley, and Tonga Sunburst. Each of these collections is available in Treat StripJr precuts and yardage.

Scroll to the end of this post to enter the giveaway!


Take a closer look at these select prints from Tonga Focus shown above.

This week we’ll be highlighting the collections that make up Tonga Focus, and sharing stunning projects to make with these fabrics!

Tuesday: Tonga Focus Introduction (you are here)

Wednesday: Tonga Focus: Confetti

Thursday: Tonga Focus: Paisley

Friday: Tonga Focus: Sunburst + the last day to enter the Tonga Focus Giveaway!

Here’s a free pattern to kick off our Tonga Focus party! It uses one StripJr pack each of all three collections in Tonga Focus.

To win all three packs (everything you need to make Frequency by Osie Lebowitz, pictured below), enter the giveaway at the end of this post!




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  1. Kathryn Wohler
    Kathryn Wohler says:

    I’ve been collecting fabrics for an all batik quilt that I was planning to start in September. Thank you for the chance to win these.

  2. Tawney M.
    Tawney M. says:

    There is a wall hanging design cooking in my brain that these would work well in – if not there are always quilts and things.

  3. Laura Holt
    Laura Holt says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. – love the paisley bundle the most. My first project with these would be a throw for the couch.

  4. Elaine Gates
    Elaine Gates says:

    Although I’m not crazy about large pieces of paisley, I love the strips. They seem like a different fabric and play so nicely in log cabins along with other paisleys or solids. I like straight sewing when I can squeeze it in. No thinking, just watching the creative process build.

  5. Barbara Colvin
    Barbara Colvin says:

    So many ideas floating in my head! Strips are fun to use to frame embroidery squares. I have some that would be great framed in Confetti. The Sunburst strips would be fun to use in combination with some floral applique. The Paisley? My fave, I think I’ll just pet them for awhile.

  6. Connie in Florissant
    Connie in Florissant says:

    Would make my sister and I matching tote bags for our “sissy” outings. Love all the Tonga Batiks, they are my favorite fabrics.

  7. Sarah Rosenberg
    Sarah Rosenberg says:

    Beautiful fabrics and a really fun quilt design! I would definitely try the new pattern with these fabrics!

  8. Brenda Howard
    Brenda Howard says:

    I would make a wheelchair throw to use when I am out since I get so cold when I roll around outside in my chair.

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