Tonga Focus Party! Tonga Paisley

Welcome to day 3 of the Tonga Focus Party!

In today’s post, we’re covering all things Tonga Paisley! This collection features a number of different paisley designs in a rich, jewel-tone palette.

Hover for style numbers and colors. Click for larger swatches.

Check out the projects for Tonga Paisley. The first one is a FREE download!


Star Gazer by Jude Spero *FREE PATTERN*


Heart Flowers by Diane McGregor

The below quilt, Frequency by Osie Lebowitz, uses a StripJr pack each of Tonga ConfettiTonga Paisley, and Tonga Sunburst. We love the way Paisley adds depth to this beautiful quilt!


Frequency by Osie Lebowitz * FREE PATTERN*

Don’t forget to enter the Tonga Focus Party Giveaway!

We’re giving away this sweet trio of StripJr packs: Tonga ConfettiTonga Paisley, and Tonga Sunburst.

Enter to win the giveaway HERE.

The giveaway runs until tomorrow, Friday, August 10th at 1pm EST. Good luck!


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