Samarra Khaja's PURR Pillow featuring Thumbprint Cats

Samarra Khaja here, infiltrating SewTimeless to bring you this feline-friendly tutorial featuring my new Thumbprint Cats! Sure, you may think that Mr. Fluffpants comes into your bedroom and stands on your face at 5:00am because he's hungry. There's a slim chance that's true, but it's more likely that he wants a PURR Pillow of his own...

Kimberly Einmo's Fire & Ice Quilt

Have you picked up the Winter 2014 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Presents Best Modern Quilts? We are head-over-heels for Kimberly Einmo's Fire and Ice quilt, featured in this issue.

Serafina Sneak Peek!

We're so excited about Alice Kennedy's new collection, Serafina, that we just can't wait until next year to share it with you!