I am a quilter. Can I purchase fabric directly from Timeless Treasures?

Sorry, no. We only sell wholesale (to businesses). If you are looking for a particular print, we suggest that you go to our shop locator and call the stores in your area to see if they have the fabric that you are looking for. You may also want to try online fabric stores, or websites such as Etsy or eBay.

I am a retailer. Can I order from you online?

Current wholesale customers can register for a login to order online (if you don’t have a wholesale account with us already, contact us or call 800-466-0666 to open one). Click Wholesale Login at the top of our website. You will be asked to register for online access if you have never logged in to our site before. After registering, your account will be reviewed by an administrator, and you will be notified of approval via email. You can also place orders through your sales rep, or directly with TT via phone (800-466-0666), email ([email protected]), or fax (866-406-9317).

Can you tell me a specific store from which I can purchase a fabric or collection?

If the fabric is relatively recent, we can try to look up the store or stores which ordered it most recently. You will need to provide us with the full style name and color (e.g. Kidz-C2496 Blue) for us to help you. Generally, however, we would advise you to go to our store locator and then try calling the shops near you.

If you are trying to locate an old fabric, we recommend you try some of the auction sites on line.

Do you have a catalog?

No. Because older fabrics are discontinued throughout the year and because we are constantly introducing new fabrics, it is not practical for us to print a catalog. We try to update our website frequently to reflect the loss of the old and the addition of the new.

I printed out a free pattern, but the templates are too small. What did I do wrong?

Turn off “Page Scaling” or “Fit to Page” in the print dialog box to print the templates at actual size. Be sure to measure your templates to ensure they are the correct size before cutting.

I‘m looking at a print on your website, but I can’t tell how large the scale is. What size does the image frame represent?

The images displayed on our website represent a portion of fabric approximately 8″ x 10″. If you picture an 8″ ruler across the width of the image, and a 10″ ruler running up the height, it should give you a good idea of what size a particular motif or repeat is. If you’re still having trouble determining the size of something, try to locate the fabric at a retailer so you can see it in person.

Please note some fabrics, such as panels or large scale repeats, show the full width (selvage to selvage, or 44″). When this is the case, it will be noted in the description.

Don’t see the information you’re looking for? Email your inquiry to [email protected].