New Novelty Roundup + MYSTERY PRIZE!

New novelties are on their way and we’ve compiled some of our favorites!

We also have a mystery prize we’re gifting to one lucky reader—continue for details!

Planes, trains, and all things that go! Go, Go, Go ships November.

Throw moderation out the window because these sweets are all fun and no calories!!! Sugar Mania ships October.

We’ve taken to the stars to draw inspiration for these new feline friends… Astrocats ships October.

We bet you can’t just choose one… Glow in the dark Space Cats (ships November) and festival-ready, Petal Purrfect Cats (ships October).

You can always rely on us for fun cat prints… Box Cats ships October!

Fancy a treasure hunt from sea to shining sea? Look no further than Treasure Island! (Ships December)

Pandas (shipping now) and Elephants (ships October).

Glitter adds a special touch to these pretty designs… Fairy Trail and Ballerina (both ship October).

Busy builders and construction workers in Dig It. (Ships November)

Playful Frogs ! (Ships October)

And last but not least, Sealife Vacation by Michael Searle! (Ships November)

Share with us!

What is your favorite fabric from this post? What fun novelty designs would you want to see next from Timeless Treasures? Tell us in the comments!

We’re choosing one random commenter and gifting a mystery bundle of novelty fabrics featured in this blog post! We will choose the lucky commenter Monday, October 2 at 3:00pm EST.

Good luck!!!

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  1. Connie
    Connie says:

    I love the neon cats with the stars! Very pretty, and would make great kitten comfort quilts for rescue. I also really like the Sealife prints — reminds me some of some Wyland artwork I’ve seen.

  2. Sharon Hops
    Sharon Hops says:

    These are all fun but the box cats are my favourite. I would love to see some novelty prints for older boys and young men. I often do charity quilts for hospice and for kids in hospital, and fabrics for older boys are often hard to find. Something to do with computers would be wonderful or science or math based prints and coordinates. Also prints that feature career options e.g. medicine, construction, banking/finance, or hobbies like biking, photography, gaming. Thanks for allowing me to provide some input.

  3. Denise Mitchell
    Denise Mitchell says:

    Fairy Trail and Ballerina so cute for an up coming quilt I am making!!! What would I like to see next how about cute puppies very whimsical .

  4. Desiree Barhorst-Weller
    Desiree Barhorst-Weller says:

    I would love to win the Underwater fabrics. Such bright colors, plus the fact that I love animals!

  5. joe
    joe says:

    I love the new construction fabric. I am so glad you are adding the Blue one you already have. Woohoo!! I can’t wait!

  6. Mary D
    Mary D says:

    I really like the SeaLife, Sugar Mania and Dig It. I would love to see something geography or science related for older boys

  7. Ann C
    Ann C says:

    I love all of them but to choose, i’d say Sealife, Busy Builders & Glitter to make fun stuff for the grandkids!!! Love love love them all!!!

  8. Lynn Nicklo
    Lynn Nicklo says:

    I don’t see a “dog” in this group. Every pattern is great so I was unable to pick only one, or two, or three. Wonderful patterns for sewing children’s donation projects. Keep up the good work and we will keep donating!

  9. Terri J
    Terri J says:

    I cannot choose only one. But I can narrow my choices down. My list would start with donuts, skulls, and jellyfish.
    How about some elves and gnomes?

  10. kathy paroz
    kathy paroz says:

    You would make it hard – I like them all!! grandson would love planes, trains, construction trucks, treasures, frogs and fish, granddaughter would love the all the cats, dancers, fairy trail, panda and elephant. both and I would love the sugar mania. Now only need dogs and wildlife scenes.

  11. Verna A.
    Verna A. says:

    My favorites are Go, Go, Go, Dig It and Astrocats. So many good collections for boys! How about a collection featuring water birds, like loons, herons, etc.?

  12. Kathy Osborn
    Kathy Osborn says:

    The Sea Life is beautiful as the colors draw me in. It would make a wonderful quilt for a nursery. I would love to see butterflies, koalas and other cute animals prints.

  13. Jane Garrett
    Jane Garrett says:

    I love the Sugar Mania! I’d make my new granddaughter a receiving blanket!! Thank you so so much! Jane

  14. Beachbatik
    Beachbatik says:

    Sealife is my favorite. I’m always on the hunt for ocean/beach fabric. I would like to see more shell fabric. I love sea shells and love to use sea shell fabric with the ocean fabric. My number 2 pick would be the frogs and three would be the cats. So pretty.

  15. Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell says:

    I like the sea life, and the sweets, and the construction work, and………….. , I like them all. I would like to see some sewing gear, and unicorns please.

  16. Christi
    Christi says:

    The sea life fabrics are the best. I can’t honestly think of anything you haven’t done. We made 445 pillowcases last year for Charlotte children’s hospital. A lot of it was your fabric. I would love 26, all of the alphabet in one stack or one panel in some way so I could cut out the letters for a quilt. It is not easy to find 26 different fabrics starting with each letter.

  17. Jenny Z
    Jenny Z says:

    I love Sugar Mania and Fairy Trail. I’d like to see some cutesy Bingo or Poker fabrics for those of us who love to make tote bags or specialty items!

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