Toothy, the Tooth Fairy

Sew Adorkable Blog Hop! + GIVEAWAY

Welcome to our stop of the Sew Adorkable Blog Hop! We are super excited for Timeless designer Samarra Khaja‘s first book. We’ll admit… we’ve had the insider scoop on this since the very beginning, and now that the cat’s out of the bag, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you. Plus we’re hosting a giveaway courtesy of the author and C&T/Stash Books! Yeah!

All 15 projects in this book use Timeless Treasures Fabrics — whimsical designs from Samarra’s archive, and a colorful mix of our basics like SketchSoho, and more. Check out her current fabrics on our website here, and be sure to ask for her designs at your favorite independent retailer!

If you’re familiar with our novelty fabrics, you probably remember many of her quirky designs that have popped up in our line over the last few years. It’s safe to say Samarra’s our favorite goofball, so it came as no surprise that the title of her book is… (drum roll please!)…


As “Miss Author” (that’s what we’re calling her from this day forth) states in her intro, “…there is a lot of seriousness in sewing, but what there’s not enough of is humor. Good old-fashioned foolishness and shameless punniness on a grand DIY scale.” We couldn’t agree more! These projects are bringing geek-chic to a whole new level. Who else but Samarra would ponder the pant size – and subsequently, yardage requirements – of making trousers for a T-Rex as a side-blurb in their project pattern? No one we know of, that’s for sure. (And if you really need to know, yes, the answer to that question is included in the book – you’ll have to pick up a copy to find out!)

Take a closer look at some of our absolute favorite projects from Sew Adorkable, which we just can’t wait to make our own. We have to admit though, picking favorites is hard; this is one of those books we’ll just sew our way through, cover to cover. Samarra’s writing style, tips and illustrations throughout are also too cute, making it such a joy to read.

Odd Socks Quilt

8-Bit Birds

8-Bit Birds

Meta Pencil Skirt

Meta Pencil Skirt

Toothy, the Tooth Fairy

Toothy, the Tooth Fairy



Red Stapler Pillow

Red Stapler Pillow

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One book per winner. Open internationally, however if winner lives outside of the US, they will receive a promo code to purchase the ebook version free of charge. US winner will receive a hard copy.

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Stop by Samarra’s website here and C&T bio page here, too. We hope you have fun “blog hopping”!

38 replies
  1. Beverly
    Beverly says:

    I made my son a quilt based on his favorite video game – Team Fortress 2. He seemed to really like it — he took it with him to college.

  2. Donna Fecteau
    Donna Fecteau says:

    I crocheted a set of farm animals once. There legs came out a bit uneven but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

  3. janet moilanen
    janet moilanen says:

    I’ve been sewing for over 50 years – I’m sure many long forgotten projects would meet the nerd standard. I recently made a Christmas countdown calendar for my 3 year old grandson that is as Adorkable as he is!

  4. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    I made a costume for Halloween last year. I am a teacher. I made myself a “Miss Memory Word” costume. I had the usual tiara and sash but I also added lots of sentence strips with my class sight words on them. I asked them to read them through out the day.

  5. Christa Dunn (Krebs)
    Christa Dunn (Krebs) says:

    Probably a last minute ghost costume I made for my son on Halloween night then forgot about having cut up the sheet until I used the sheet to make up the guest bed for my inlaws! Oops!

  6. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    I made a big bang theory pillowcase. Not the most creative use but the fabric was so fun! Thanks for introducing me to this creative book!

  7. Kay
    Kay says:

    I cross stitched and sewed a family tree for my parents anniversary long time ago:) My parents have since passed & it now hangs on my wall.

  8. Kristin S.
    Kristin S. says:

    I love to sew! All the most ‘adorkable’ projects have probably been stuffed toys and animals as I love to make them quirky. I most recently designed and stitched a gnome doll complete with pointy hat and quilted beard.

  9. Beth
    Beth says:

    I have twin grand babies that just turned one year old. I can’t wait to see what is in this book! Those tooth pillows are a must!

  10. Genevieve Caswell
    Genevieve Caswell says:

    I would say a bumble bee costume for my 35lb Queensland Heeler for Halloween. He went with my youngest son & my friends daughter. They were dressed as flowers. You had to be there, lol.

  11. Alla @ rainbows.bunnies.cupcakes
    Alla @ rainbows.bunnies.cupcakes says:

    Most adorkable make: I sewed a cloth book telling the story of my step-daughter’s stay in the hospital when she had pneumonia. My fave page was the cover: it had a silhouette of “Miss D”, wearing a hospital gown and fuzzy slippers, and facing away. The slippers were made with fake fur, and the green hospital gown had flaps that lifted, to reveal a bare bottom! Yep. Totes adorbs.

  12. Linda Cartwright
    Linda Cartwright says:

    I have made many cute Halloween costumes for my boys when they were little. Now I have Grandkids to work on!

  13. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I made a whole family of Pac-Man costumes (Pac-Man and 3 ghosts) for Halloween last year because we are a whole family of dorks :)

  14. Kathy E.
    Kathy E. says:

    I have a soft side for anything adorkable! The most adorkable thing I’ve made is an outfit I made for my 2 year old great-niece. I made a hot pink simple dress and embroidered a giraffe head on the front. She loves giraffes and it was so perfect! Then I made a matching little purse with a smaller giraffe head on the flap.

  15. heather
    heather says:

    When I was way younger I made a skirt that looked like the ones on Little House on the Prairie I was really into that show.

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