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Welcome to Team Timeless, an ongoing series of fun tutorials brought to you by some of our favorite designers! This month, Osie Lebowitz is sharing a charming storytime pillow that is as fun as it is functional. The front pocket is perfect for keeping go-to books for naps and bedtime. Use the accent strap as a handle, or to bookmark a page as you slip the book into the pocket.

Featuring Friendship Blossoms by Bunnies by the Bay, these pillows make a perfect addition to any nursery or children’s bedroom. And if you need a baby shower gift that whips up fast, look no further!Continue on for instructions…





Storytime Pillow, size 15” square
Instructions for blue bear version shown in parentheses ( )

Supplies: Bunny Pillow (Bear Pillow)
Fat Quarter – Bunnies-C7248 Green (Mix-C7200 Pool) – top
Fat Quarter – Bunnies-C7249 Multi (Bunnies-C7246 Blue) – pocket
Fat Quarter – Mix-C7200 Peony (Mix-C7200 Butter) – pocket accent/lining
Fat Quarter – Bunnies-C7244 Multi (Bunnies-C7247 Multi) – back
½ yard – Soho White – lining
2 – 18” x 18” cotton batting
1 – 16” x 16” pillow form

My favorite tip for making a pillow longer lasting and more comfortable is to quilt the front and back of the pillow.

Cut two Soho White, one top and one back fabrics to 18” square. For pillow top, layer an 18” square of Soho White, batting and C7248 Green (C7200 Pool) and baste for quilting. I quilted cross-hatch lines 4 inches apart on my domestic machine using my walking foot. Repeat for Soho White, batting and C7244 Multi (C7247 Multi) for the pillow back.


Trim the quilted pillow top to a 16” square. Repeat for quilted pillow back. Yes, I do trim it to the same size as the pillow form, as I like my pillow to be a little smaller than the form to give the pillow more fullness.

To make the pocket, cut one C7249 Multi (C7246 Blue) to 9” x 16”. Note: refer to photo to fussing cut C7249 Multi. Cut one C7200 Peony (C7200 Butter) pocket accent/lining to 11 ½” x 16”. Place right sides together (RST) while aligning the top 16” edge of these two fabrics. Sew the top 16” edge using a ¼” seam allowance.


Turn right sides out and align the bottom 16” edge and press the top edge. The lining will create your accent strip. Top stitch a ¼” on the folded edge of the accent strip and ¼” from the joining seam on the accent strip. Optional: the accent strip would be a good place to personalize the pillow with a child name or a special message.


To make the diagonal accent strip cut one 2 ½” x 9” from C7200 Peony (C7200 Butter). Refer to above photo, fold the 9” edges to the center and press. Fold long edges again and press. Top stitch 1/8” from each long edge and down the center of the diagonal accent stripe. This strip can be used as a handle to carry the pillow or as a bookmark by simply placing your marked page under the strip.


Align the bottom and side edges of the pocket with the bottom and sides of the quilted pillow top and pin in place. Place diagonal accent strip diagonally on the right top corner, approximately 5” from the right corner. Pin in place.

Place quilted top and back of pillow RST and pin in place. Starting on the bottom of the pillow, stitch a ½” seam allowance around the pillow while leaving an opening in the bottom to insert the pillow form. TIP: Use your walking foot when sewing many layers together.

Trim corner seam allowances diagonally to reduce bulk. Turn pillow right sides out. Insert pillow form and hand sew the bottom edge of the pillow closed with a secure stitch.

Add your favorite books and enjoy many hours of reading.



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